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Welcome to the “What’s New” corner of our website for “Women of the Church: Strength of the Past. Hope for Tomorrow. A Catholic Leadership Conference.”

This conference began with a conversation among friends about Pope Francis’ call to give the Catholic Church “a more incisive female presence.” As we shared our hope and excitement with one another, we found ourselves dreaming of ways to bring women and men together to acknowledge the many ways women have offered leadership throughout history, to support women in their work in the present, and to encourage those who are discerning what God is asking of them for the future. Our hopeful dreaming, begun in Spring 2014, has given rise to this conference, scheduled for October 7-9, 2016, in Ferdinand, Indiana.

We’re delighted now to share our plans with you. You’ll find program and speaker information on our website ( And through “What’s New” we’ll keep you up-to-date about conference plans while sharing links and reflections related to women in leadership and ministry. If you have questions or suggestions for “What’s New,” contact us at Please come back often to visit our website and “What’s New” to stay up to date with the conversation.